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2019 was my second year for using worm castings from Red Bud , unbelievable the harvest I have had after 50+ years of gardening.  My wife carried my picture to share with anyone that would put up with my testimony of worm casting from Red Bud and imagine our surprise when we found Red Bud at the Lexington Ky Vintage market day show and my wife said I am going to give them your picture.

I raise my tomatoes on 6ft steel stakes  and gave up trying to keep them upright at 12ft with cane poles. My plants stayed green from bottom to top and was still producing blooms and tomatoes when the frost & hard freeze shut me down 3rd week of Oct.  We picked all of the green tomatoes prior to that mean killing night , keep them inside covered with news papers and wait for them to ripen, we now have 15 remaining tomatoes from my garden here in the month of Dec.  Our goal is to have sliced tomatoes with our Christmas Dinner.
I am a big fan of Red Bud worm castings , my wife said to tell them not to get you started on the lantanas that took over our back porch as the results of worm castings.

Jimmy from Georgetown, KY

These two plants were planted in two separate pots, but at the same time and in the same potting soil. The only difference between them was that Red Bud Farm organic worm castings were put in one. They were placed beside each other in the same window for light and were watered at the same times. They were a gift to me from a sweet elderly lady who wanted to make sure she passed them on to me to care for and preserve for the next generation. As time went on, the one plant that had the Red Bud Farm Worm Castings amazingly grew soooo much more than the other and even bloomed with such beautiful flowers! My husband even remarked on the huge difference between the two plants and asked what I did differently between the two. Needless to say, I bought two big bags of Red Bud Farm Worm Castings and will use them in everything that I grow. What a truly wonderful product! Thank you!

Left is regular potting soil. Right is worm casting.

"Explained product labeling- OMRI very well - very nice folks - thank you."
"Helpful tips!"
"Knowledgeable person explaining the product. Friendly and gracious."
"Great product, great people!"
"I can't wait to use the product!"
"Very friendly, very knowledgeable, Did Not try to force sell. I'll be ordering for years to come. Thanx y'all, Vanessa"
"The owners were very informative and customer service oriented! Went above and beyond to make the customer really want to buy their product without twisting your arm!"
"Enjoyed learning about the product!"
"Everything was very good"
"Satisfied! Bought your product at the home and Garden show in Lexington, KY. Had exactly what we were looking for and were really nice folks. Thanks!"
"I very much appreciate the time and guidance at the Lex Home and Garden Show."
"I applied to my tomatoes seedlings, and the tomatoes seedlings became plants and they have very healthy foliage. I added to my leeks too."

Miscellaneous Testimonials

Well, these are the lemons from my lemon tree/bush, which are big and bright and PLENTIFUL! I had been out of town for a month, so imagine my delight to return home and find SO MANY lemons! They are a bit over ripe from the looks of the peeling and I should have taken the pictures before I picked them, but here's hoping that you can use them for a testimonial. Red Bud Farm worm castings are the cause of such healthy grown bounty! Thank you for producing such a great, truly organic product!

A very happy customer

It was great to meet David and also (the woman working along side him) at the Roanoke Home & Garden Show) You were both great ...I learned so much in our conversation...This is my first time using your product.Thank You


Thank you so much!! I can't wait to get this, it is time to put more on my plants. Everything is looking so good, the only thing I am doing different this year is the castings so I know that is what is doing it :). I hope you have a great week and I am sure I will be sending in for another order soon :).


Here are the results of the great worm castings from Red Bud Farm.




This is my garden tower. I haven't filled it all the way up yet, but the tomatoes are doing great!


Another hibiscus purchased this year. She loves Red Bud Farm!


We are so excited with the results we are receiving we are adding more and more product onto our other flowers and plants. Full of blooms. Insect free. Can't believe results. You can't afford not to try this product!


Julie from Murphy, NC

My hibiscus loves Red Bud Farm!


I live in Mississippi. Where would I buy your product? We got a sample at a show and used it recently and we can tell a difference. Would like to get more.


Another satisfied customer used Red Bud Farm dirt and fertilizer for raised garden beds.

Red Bud Farm

Red Bud Farm worm castings were put on this zucchini plant when it was put in the ground. It grew really fast, large and firm. It is over 19 inches long, and weighs over 5-1/2 pounds. WOW!

Red Bud Farm

These two same kind and size plants were planted the same time. The one on the left does NOT have worm castings. Red Bud Farm worm castings were planted with the one on the right side. "A picture is worth a thousand words!"

Red Bud Farm

Planted March 15...third crop so far! Thanks Red Bud Farm!

The Holyfields

I have purchased your worm casting and compost on 2 separate occasions and absolutely love them... I ran a comparison with a bag of generic organic castings and there was no comparison.... Anyhow I need another bag of worm castings and was hoping you could shoot me a price list... I can't remember the quantity or the price of what I got in the past but the very last time it was a very small bag and I do need a larger one than that.... I minimally need a couple of gallons.

S.B. from Greeneville, TN

Thanks for my load of compost! It is working wonders. Here are some Mr. Stripey. And by the way, I can just barely palm a basketball.

Erik from Greeneville, TN

My husband and I met you and purchased your product at the Asheville Herb Festival. We have a wonderful raised-bed garden and have great luck with most of our vegetables except tomatoes ! You GUARANTEED that we would be able to grow tomatoes this year using Red Bud Farms Worm Castings. We were hooked...well, who could resist after such an enthusiastic sales pitch ! We left with our purchase and told you that you WOULD be hearing from us -if the plants were 2 or 10 feet tall, blight or no blight.

Our tomato plants have grown over our 9' tomato stakes and are producing the most gorgeous and disease-free fruit ! I have shared my pictures, along with your business name and information on my Facebook page and have over 200 likes, comments and several friends interested in your product. Thank you, thank you..

Happy Customers from Flag Pond, TN

First saw your product in Abingdon at VHCC Higher Ed Center, must admit was curious and really thought even if it does not work, what a great discussion with friends, family and strangers!! (I know don't talk to strangers,but in passing at grocery, etc.). I have always had a small garden, affectionately called "my New York Garden", tomatoes, cucumbers, squash, onions, peppers, used the worm castings and was so excited to see my garden become beautiful with an abundant supply, I needed more friends and family to enjoy it! It's a repeated cycle of life we can continue to share!!! No waste, a purpose to all. Thank you Red Bud Farm! A believing customer, Rita

Rita from Abingdon, VA

A friend of Red Bud Farm sent us this photo to show how tall a sunflower grew from a seed. It's over 4 ft. higher than their house's rooftop!

I am pleased to say that I bought and used this product at the beginning of planting season this year. I am very pleased with the results that it has had on my plants this year. I work full time and unfortunately I don't have a lot of time to spend on my plants, with this product I don't have to. I plan on using this product every year on all of my plantings.

Beverly from Bristol, TN

I purchased a bag of worm castings at the Master Gardeners' Garden Faire in Abingdon in the spring. I used it when I planted my windows boxes and they look bigger, fuller and better than they have ever looked. I'll be using it from now on in all my pots and flower beds. It's a great product!!!

Sharon from Bristol, TN

I am so pleased with the growth of my tomato plants they have been planted only 6 weeks. They are 3 feet tall with lots of tomatoes on them. I used the worm casting when I planted them. I think I will have ripe tomatoes soon. Sure like the worm casting it really get things going well.

Betty from Blountville, TN

Good morning, A work mate of mine got a sample of your worm castings at the flower show in Abingdon. She has used it on her plants and is amazed how they are flourishing.

Wendy from VA

I cannot say enough about the benefits of using worm castings on my plants! I saw 2 different articles in garden magazines praising worm castings so I decided to try it myself. My Hibiscus plant was being attacked by the nasty White Fly and nothing I did would get rid of it. I sprinkled worm castings around the base of the plant and watered it. Within a week the white fly was disappearing! Now my Hibiscus is a happy and thriving beautiful plant. Thank you so much!

Karen from Bluff City, TN

I would just like to say how wonderful this worm casting is... I have a plant which I have been trying to grow for a year which has done
nothing.... Changed out the potting soil and replaced with the worm casting in two weeks I could not believe it it has grown a lot and so green and vibrant!!!!!! I was shocked at how well this stuff really works.....I would recommend to anyone....

Michelle from Elizabethton, TN

What a super product .. I can see it from here. Thanks so much for sharing !! ...

Beth from Pittsburgh, PA

A sample of Red Bud Farm organic soil was given to me and I placed it around a violet I had. The violet's roots were exposed due to my neglect, but after a month's time, my violet has grown and the leaves have a more relaxed fuller look! I am really pleased with this product and would recommend it to all my family and friends. Smart product and all natural!

BEFORE           AFTER

Linda from Bristol, TN

We have planted our broccoli, fall lettuces, and a Meyer lemon tree utilizing your Earthworm Castings and Compost. They are growing faster than the same plants we planted in regular commercial soil for vegetables. Thanks for your products, we will be buying more!

Leslee from Apex, NC

I wanted to share the story of my great success using Red Bud Farm worm castings. Two months ago I planted two tomato plants that were nearly the same size. But I chose the runt to treat with castings. In less than two weeks, the castings plant had passed the other one in every way. It was both taller and broader. Its stalk was much more sturdy and fibrous; its stems were more numerous and hardy; it leaves were deeper green and more plentiful. By the time tomatoes appeared, the castings plant had five, compared to the other plant's count of only two. I was pleased and amazed at how many advantages I saw with the castings plant! I am so glad to have found this all-natural soil nutrition. It will produce much healthier eating and leave the ground enriched for next year's crop! Thank you for such a wonderful product! I'll be getting lots more!

Ellen from Bluff City, Tennessee

Dear Red Bud Farm,

I have tried the soil nutrient which are your worm castings and in only two weeks I have 5 new sprouts coming out of my plant in my office.  This was only from a sample pack!  That was all it took!  Wow!  Amazing worms!

I have bought some of the castings for myself after seeing the results in such a short time.  I can't wait to use this product on all of my flowers and gardening needs at home.  I truly am amazed at how fast this stuff works.  Thank you!

Vicky from Blountville, TN

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