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Recipe for
Worm Casting 'Tea'

Red Bud Farm Worm Castings are
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Bucket Kit Includes:
*6 lb. bag of worm castings
* air pump
* hose
* bubble stone
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Recipe for Worm Casting Tea
Do not be confused by the name!  It is NOT for human consumption!
Worm casting tea is both nourishing and gentle to all plants .... from newly-started seedlings to established greenery.  Early seed sprouts need worm casting tea to replace nutrition that has been depleted through leaching in potting soil.  Established plants can be also revitalized with worm casting tea.  
Every plant, whether young or old, will be greatly helped by worm casting tea.  You may want to make a fresh batch each week to use on a weekly basis.
1.  Begin with a 5-gallon bucket full of water.
* Rainwater or well water, as is, may be used immediately.
* Municipal water should be used ONLY after it sits in the bucket for 24 hours, which allows time for the chlorine to dissipate out of the water so it does not kill beneficial micro-organisms.
* Softened water should not be used since the salt content could damage plants.
2.  Stir in 1 quart of worm castings with a broom stick, yardstick, or pole.
3.  NOTE:  ONLY DO this step - IF - you want to SPRAY tea on plants with a hand-held pump sprayer:  
Mix 2 tbsp. of unsulfered molasses (or corn syrup) into the water/tea when you make it so the castings will be just tacky enough to stick on plants and leaves for several days or weeks when you spray.  Be SURE to strain the tea through a cheese-cloth or nylons so tiny particles of castings won't clog the nozzle of the pump sprayer.
4.  Aerate the tea by either stirring several times a day and/or with a fish tank pump air/bubble stone to mix the tea well and add oxygen to it.  
5.  Pour the tea directly around base of plants to be absorbed in their root system.  You might want to dip it out with a cup or put it into a can with a spout for pouring.  If you did step 3, spray it on leaves and stems, then water with the rest.
6.  Scoop out any leftover castings from the bottom of the bucket and put them around the base of plants like a top or side dressing because they are still good and active now that they are wet.  Do NOT waste them by throwing them away!  USE them!
For best results, use tea within 48 hours while micro-organisms are still fresh and active.



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