All Natural Organic Fertilizer



Red Bud Farm Worm Castings are
All Natural Organic Fertilizer


Great GIFTS for holidays, birthdays, house-warming, special days, ANY days!

Tired of giving the same old stuff?

Why not give someone a useful, healthy gift to show you care?

These gift bags will make the most surprising gifts!

Order a 6-pack for $94 at the door (includes shipping/freight, but add a 9.25% sales tax if TN resident).

Everything you need to put together a nice gift with individual packing is included.

You will receive a box of 6 white bags (colorfully printed) with worm castings, to be placed into your choice of either holiday/seasonal or gingham printed paper bags, along with matching tissue paper and a 4 oz. scooper and tie to complete each gift package.

You can store and keep them on hand, ready for any occasion (since they don't expire), or as a last minute gift.

Call 423-574-7474, Monday - Friday, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm to place an order.

Any grower can appreciate and enjoy this wonderful gift!

GreenPeople Seal of Approval  Red Bud Farm Worm Castings are

All Natural Organic Fertilizer